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Our technical documentation services

With more than ten years’ experience working in businesses with many different needs and challenges, the Captain Doc team is able to offer a wide range of top-quality technical writing services. Keeping our customers happy is always on our mind. This, coupled with the fact that every project is unique, means that we offer a very wide range of services.

We will do whatever it takes to find solutions to your problems – feel free to call on us for all your documentation needs or if you need us to improve your documentation strategy or design one from scratch.




List of recommended actions



Getting started , FAQ, technical overviews, hard copy manuals, online help, videos and/or chatbots (with business partners)



Training sessions for your employees (face-to-face or online)


Part-time tech writer

We become responsible for your documentation over a longer period of time depending on your needs.

Advice and assistance in drawing up your documentation plan:

We can audit your existing approaches to technical documentation to identify strengths, weaknesses and changes that may be needed. Next, we implement a process whereby information and ideas are shared, with the client fully involved at all times and ultimately in control of their documentation. Finally, we choose the best tools for your company’s needs.

Copywriting of technical documentation:

On the basis of a detailed set of specifications drawn up by you, we will take care of the structure and lay-out as well as the actual writing of your technical documents, whether in printed format or online. We can also recommend the media and formats best suited to your needs.

Internal consistency and continuous improvement of existing documentation:

We will look after updates and deliver improvements to your technical documentation in terms of both content quality and concision, as well as implementing changes to the user interface of existing documentation.

User-centred linguistic and technical analysis and testing of your documentation:

This is where we study and analyse your documentation. We focus exclusively on the user experience to see whether this could be improved, and if so, we aim to add value to your products through our recommendations.

Training and ongoing support for your co-workers:

If you’d like to manage your technical documentation in-house, we can offer training services and ongoing support in using and updating technical documentation.

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