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My name is Vola Ralambondrainy. I’ve worked as a professional technical writer for the last ten years, mostly in the field of software documentation. I help businesses to write, translate, produce and manage all of their technical documentation. By paying close attention to customer requirements and working hand-in-hand with clients throughout the writing process, I’m well-placed to be able to produce top-quality work for you.

What are technical documents?

The assembly instructions for a piece of furniture made by a well-known Swedish manufacturer is one example of a technical document. But it could also be a technical overview, a user guide, a set-up manual, a YouTube tutorial, a Frequently Asked Questions page or a fire evacuation plan.

The list of different kinds of documents that Captain Doc can produce is virtually endless – technical information is everywhere you look, from the most ordinary aspects of everyday life to industrial sites governed by the SEVESO directive on the control of major accidents involving hazardous substances.

As a result, I work on documentation for companies both large and small, from start-ups to major international corporations and family-run firms.
It’s vital to remember that top-quality technical documentation is all about communicating the information you need to get across in a way that’s easy to understand.

What role do I play?

I communicate relevant information in a way that takes into account users’ level of understanding or familiarity with a product or subject. I strive to keep things simple without compromising accuracy or detail. My guiding principle is to place the user experience at the centre of everything I do with information. The more satisfying the user experience, the more value will be added to your product as a result.

My role is also to produce documents that are specifically designed to meet your needs and the needs of your end users. To do this, we create well-structured technical documentation that’s clear and easy to understand, so the information that’s being sought can be located without difficulty.



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