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Captain Doc is a start-up which creates a full range of technical documents, taking care of everything from documentation plans to the actual written content. Whether it’s technical documentation, software documentation or something else, Captain Doc will be the creative driving force you need. Showcase your know-how and ensure that your products keep ahead of the competition!

We work on a wide range of products right across the high-tech market segment, from digital and tech to industry and the healthcare sector.




My name is Vola and I’m a technical writer of mixed Malagasy-Réunionese heritage. After ten years studying and working in Paris, I moved to Barcelona (Spain) to make the most of its pioneering tech scene and a way of life that chimed with my personal values.

My field of specialization is hardware and software documentation, but I also work in the medical and academic sectors and in a range of other areas.

Before devoting myself to what is an unfairly neglected field of expertise, I studied and worked in the area of popular science journalism and writing and tech journalism.

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Technical writing is basically the business of creating, managing and updating product technical documentation. These technical documents include set-up and user manuals, online documentation, Frequently Asked Questions, release notes, technical/marketing brochures and even scripts for YouTube tutorials. This is certainly not a definitive list as the kinds of document in demand will depend on the needs of individual businesses!

In brief, Captain Doc takes tech jargon-heavy texts and translates them into information that’s actually understandable and usable – all with a view to promoting your product and burnishing its public image – and in turn, that of your corporate brand.

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I called on Captain Doc to help me set up a technical documentation unit.
Vola got on with the job without needing any guidance from me. Her technical knowledge is excellent, as are her writing skills. She communicated very well with the developers and knew exactly how to take complex data and turn it into highly-accessible documentation.

I would definitely recommend Captain Doc for documentation projects big or small and I’d be delighted to work with them again in the future.

Franck Signorile, Engie Ineo

Captain Doc took over the job of writing the user manual for a top-of-the-range anaesthesia machine. It was a tough challenge: the product was a complex one with a visually-crowded user interface and we were working on a tight schedule. We were impressed with the quality of the technical writing and the deadlines were met. Vola was also a great person to work with due to her infectious sense of humour, her passion for her field and her high degree of motivation.

Benoît Marchal, Air Liquide

I’ve worked with Captain Doc on several technical writing projects. My deadlines have always been respected and the work done in accordance with my requirements. I would recommend this firm without a second thought.

Anne Bury, Novescript

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